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Best of British



Enjoy a selection of some of our nation's best cheeses with us!

Tunworth - Soft English Cow's milk cheese. A British Camembert! It is still entirely made by hand and has a rich and earthy mushroom fragrance and a long-lasting sweet and nutty flavour. Supreme Champion at the 2013 and 2006 British Cheese awards and Best Soft Cheese at the 2018 Great British Cheese Awards. This cheese is adored by many of the best chefs in Britain! (pasteurised, non-vegetarian)

Rachel - Semi-firm, washed rind goat's milk cheese with a delicate yet moreish sweet, medium flavour. Best Goat's cheese at the Guild of Fine Food World Cheese Awards 2017 (unpasteurised, vegetarian).

Flower Marie - Soft Ewe's milk cheese. A firm favourite of the staff in the shop! Best Ewe's cheese and Gold award at 2018/19 British Cheese Awards (unpasteurised, vegetarian).

Colston Bassett Stilton - The finest English Stilton (pasteurised, vegetarian). Smooth texture and is creamy with a mellow flavour and no sharp acidic taste from the blue. Melt in the mouth perfection! Gold medal at 2018 World Cheese Awards, Reserve Champion UK and Best Stilton at the International Cheese Awards 2015 (pasteurised, vegetarian).

Isle of Mull Cheddar - Firm Scottish Cow's milk cheddar. It's full-flavoured, sharp and fruity and tangy! The cows graze on the fermented grain from the nearby Tobermory whisky distillery which definitely helps the tangy flavour! Best Scottish Cheese at the British Cheese Awards (unpasteurised, non-vegetarian).

A perfect way to celebrate the Best of British!

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