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Cheese Wedding Cakes

Cheese Wedding Cakes - whether in place of the traditional wedding cake, as a course for the wedding breakfast, or as part of your buffet, our cheese wedding cakes never fail to impress! The cheese wedding cakes are individually tailored to your tastes, with as many or as few tiers as you require.

View our cheese wedding cake feedback, you can also view a number of designs of the cheese wedding cakes our statified bride and grooms have sent us.

We also offer free consultancy and the benefit of ordering from The CheeseWorks is that you can come into our shop, where we stock 110+ cheeses, and have a free tasting session to make sure you are getting the best quality for your guests. There would be nothing worse than ordering a cheese wedding cake, that you have not tried, to find out the cheeses have no taste and nobody enjoyed them.

Or you can order one of our cheese wedding cakes, carefully chosen to offer the best selection of cheeses for your wedding.

We offer complimentary tasting notes and labels for your cake so that guests can understand and appreciate what they are eating. The cake is there to be eaten, not to be looked at so encourage people to tuck in and enjoy!

Once delivered, they can be decorated to suit the style of your wedding. Grapes, figs, flowers or simple sashes seem to work best. Prices vary depending on the cheeses you choose and we are happy to work with any budget. As a rough guide for planning we suggest £1.75-£2.50 per head. Many companies sell cheese wedding cakes but are not cheesemongers and therefore do not have the expertise or the range we do here at The CheeseWorks.

Our pricing is very transparent, what we charge per 100g also applies to our cheese wedding cakes, basically you are buying a lot of fantastic cheeses from us, for you and your guest to enjoy, at the same price as if you bought it in our shop.

To help you along we have written a Definitive Guide To Cheese Wedding Cakes

If you would like any further information please contact us or call 01242 255022.


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Product image

Classic cheese platter

In a Class of their own!

The best Brie, Stilton and Cheddar for any memorable occasion

Weight: Approx 11Kg

  • Price: £240.00
Product image

Jersey Cheese Wedding Cake

A Cheese Wedding Cake of amber, gold, ivory and forest green!

A Champagne topping, layer of cream, finest Stilton, mild milky Yarg, a fruity cheddar and a smokey twist!

Weight: Approx 12Kg

  • Price: £290.00
Product image

Guernsey Cheese Wedding Cake

Bold and beautiful, a magnificent cheese wedding cake for large parties. Cream-rich and buttery soft cheese, milky Yarg with the finest Stilton and award winning Cheddar.

Weight: Approx 15Kg

  • Price: £320.00

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