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Cheese Wines & Ports

Take a look at our range of wines, ports, ales and whisky - a lovely addition to round off any cheese selection.

Our range of wines, ports, ales and whisky are selected to offer the perfect match for our cheeses.


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Dunkerton's Black Fox

Medium Dry Cider

The red fox is a common sight but folklore told of a fox as black as night that could live in a mans shadow and so never be seen or caught. The Black Fox’s favourite haunt was...The Cider Orchards.

Fragrant notes of traditional cider apple varieties which have been carefully blended to deliver a deliciously rounded cider with a lively finish and light honey hues.

Weight: 500ml 6.8%ABV

  • Price: £3.75
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Dunkerton's Dry Organic Cider

Dry-handcrafted with up to 14 carefully blended cider apple varieties with lower levels of sweetness, result is a beautifullly crisp full bodied cider which is lightly carbonated to deliver a refreshing dry finish. Especially good with creamy soft cheese and goats.

Weight: 500ml. 6.8%ABV

  • Price: £4.00
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Battledown Pale Ale

Golden pale ale with a refreshing aroma and smooth clean taste. Full of strisselspalt hops with a reprieve of honey flavour for balance. Especially good with blue cheese. CURRENTLY REPLACED WITH PRESCOTT CHEQUERED FLAG PALE ALE

Weight: 500ml 3.8% ABV

  • Price: £4.00
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Color light straw yellow and a fine and persistent perlage. It's very delicate with a hint of apple, wisteria and acacia flowers. Mini 20cl bottle.

Weight: 20cl

  • Price: £6.00
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Paciffico Sur Merlot

Paciffico Sur Merlot, 2010, Chile. Central Valley Estate Grown. Ripe and plummy. 375ml, 1/2 bottle. 14% abv.

Weight: 375ml

  • Price: £6.95
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Paciffico Sur Sauvignon Blanc

Paciffico Sur Sauvignon Blanc, 2010, Chile. Curico Valley Estate Grown. A crisp and refreshing white wine. 375ml Bottle, 1/2 bottle. 13% abv

Weight: 375ml

  • Price: £6.95
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Pask Gimblett Gravels Sauvignon Blanc, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand - Half bottle

Pask Gimblett Gravels Sauvignon Blanc, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand - Half bottle

A typical New Zealand Sauvignon with opulent ripe tropical fruit and all the classic Sauvignon characteristics one could wish for.

Weight: 37.5cl 12.5%ABV

  • Price: £8.95
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Fonseca bin 27 Port 1/2

deep youthful ruby colour.

Intense rich fruity nose crammed with pure blackberry, cassis, cherry and plum aromas interwoven with notes of spice.

Weight: 37.5 cl

  • Price: £9.95
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Altaria Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Taste: Full bodied and fruity character with plums and peppers delivered on the palate

Smell: fresh currants with minty herbaceous aromas.

Weight: 75 cl

  • Price: £9.95
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Fleurie - Half bottle

Half bottle of Fleurie

Plenty of juicy fruit flavours with cherry and plum to the fore and a hint of blackberry.

  • Price: £10.00
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