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NEW - Christmas Cracker 2020



5 of our best cheeses that we have selected to put together a cracker of a gift or cheeseboard for this Christmas!

The best Stilton available, our stunning local Single Gloucester, a classic Swiss alpine, a soft and creamy Welsh delight and finished with a scrumptious Goat's cheese. Perfect combination and something for everyone!

Colston Bassett Stilton (250g) - A melt in the mouth Stilton made at the Colston Bassett Dairy in Nottinghamshire. It is beautifully creamy but with a lovely blue flavour - it is just heavenly! (pasteurised, cow's milk, vegetarian).

Single Gloucester (250g) - Single Gloucester in one of England's protected cheeses and has to be made to certain criteria. Our Single Gloucester is made by Jonathan Crump at his farm in Stonehouse here in Gloucestershire. It is mellow and creamy and fits perfectly with the other 4 cheeses in this box. (unpasteurised, cow's milk, vegetarian).

Schlossberger (250g) - a Swiss cheese made from cow's milk in the Emmental region. It's matured for 18-23 months in a cave next to the ruins of Schlossberg Castle. It is smooth, buttery and nutty and extremely tasty! (unpasteurised, cow's milk, )

Perl Wen (200g individual round) - One of Wales' best loved soft cheeses! It is a cross between a brie and a traditional Welsh Caerffili. It has a soft centre with a fresh, citrus flavour! (pasteurised, cow's milk, vegetarian).

Golden Cross (225g individual log) - A sweet, soft and delicate goat's cheese made in East Sussex. It's first rolled in ash and then matured for a couple of weeks to develop a complex but subtle flavour. one of our favourites in the shop! (unpasteurised, goat's milk, vegetarian).

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