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Christmas Cheeseboard

Cheese at Christmas

Great Cheeseboard and Cheese Gift ideas from the Cheeseworks!

Christmas is a time of indulgence, a time to let your hair down, drink, eat and be merry. More thought goes into food now than at any other time of the year, from preparing vast spreads of food for friends and family, down to the little indulgences we allow ourselves in the evening after a hectic week at work. Cheese is as synonymous with Christmas as pigs in blankets or cranberry sauce, an integral part of any Christmas lunch or Boxing Day buffet. Its welcome appearance at the end of a meal signals a time for appreciation, prolonged conversations and plenty of port!

However, when faced with the pressures of Christmas shopping, one can be tempted to succumb to the pre packed supermarket selection boxes of cheese and miss out on some beauties of the cheese world. Here at the Cheeseworks we can guide you through our extensive catalogue of cheeses and help you choose which are best for you depending on the food being served, number of guests, alcohol being drunk etc. With all the food around at Christmas it’s nice to keep your cheeseboard simple, 3-4 cheeses after a large meal is more than sufficient and offers endless nibble appeal!

We have a great British Cheeseboard on our website featuring award winning cheeses of the UK, for those of you looking for some festive cheeses to enjoy beyond the Cheeseboard we’ve also picked out some more of our other favourites to whet your appetite and put you in the festive mood...

For cheese lovers everywhere October signals the start of Vacherin season which runs through until early March. This cheese is produced using milk from cows that are fed on a hay diet producing rich, thick milk during this period. The flavour is more robust and nutty than Brie, it’s rich, a little sweet, with grassy undertones.

Montgomery’s Cheddar is a great, traditional English cheese. Often referred to as the “king of cheddars”, and many times winner at the British Cheese Awards it has a huge range of flavours with nutty and grassy flavours dominating, giving way to a strong lingering tang.

Serve your cheese with traditional accompaniments such as grapes and figs and other more decadent additions such as pickled walnuts, pears in calvados or figs steeped in cognac. Make sure you have a board big enough to allow each cheese room to breathe and be cut comfortably, allocate a separate knife for each cheese, but above all, enjoy!

Cheese can make a perfect Christmas Gift, whether you want a gift for him, her or them we have a great selection to hand, both online and instore and we are always happy to provide advice and guidance on that choosing the ideal gift.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Cheeseworks!

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