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Isle of Mull Cheddar 250g



Isle of Mull is a hard cow’s milk cheese. Quite moist and soft textured cheddar which is complex, deep and strong.

Enjoy with full bodied red wine and fruity chutney crackers or oatcakes.

The Isle of Mull cheese is produced on the only dairy farm on the Isle. It is very much a family affair.

The cows ,mostly friesan, are kept on the island and the feed is regularly supplemented by the local Tobermory distillery’s discarded fermented grain, resulting in the very distinctive taste of the Isle of Mull cheese.

Isle of Mull cheese is kept natural away from any colour additives, preserving the natural quality of the cheese.

The cheeses are then kept in an underground cellar to mature for many months, occasionally developing a blue vein.

Weight: 250g

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