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Montgomery's Cheddar


The King of Cheddars!

A traditional, cloth-bound cheddar from Somerset. It has a spicy aroma with rich, grassy flavours and a long lasting tang.

The statesman of the farm, Montgomery mature cheddar is the epitome of traditional handmade unpasteurised Somerset cheddar matured for 12 months. It is wrapped in muslin cloth and stored on wooden shelves and hand turned.

The Montgomery family have been farming North and South Cadbury for 3 generations and the cheese making process has been passed down from generation to generation.

A fantastic cheese, that, due to its traditional method of inception, can taste ever-so slightly different every time you try it!. A dry cheddar with a very unique crumble and tangy bite to the ending flavour.

The Montgomery's Cheddar may also contain naturally occurring blue veins. They are a completely normal part of the cheese, due to its method of maturing, and it also adds a light sweetness to the cheese as a whole!

Weight: 250g

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