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Our Cheese Selection

Cheese - We have over 100 British and European cheeses to choose from in our Shop in Cheltenham, we've put some of the best on line for you. Many of which arrive directly from the farms on which they were crafted.


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Petit Munster

This Petit Munster hails from the Alsace region and has been produced there for almost 1000 years. Traditionally produced by monks, the name is a derivative of the Latin for monastery. Traditionally eaten with boiled potatoes and a sprinkling of cumin seeds.

Weight: 100g

  • Price: £4.75
Product image

Snowdonia Red Storm

A recent addition to the Snowdonia range, and smartly dressed in vivid red wax, Red Storm® boasts serious vintage credentials, aged for typically 18 months creating an intense flavour and refined texture. Sweet and surprisingly complex flavour – a vintage red with a crystalline nutty texture throughout

Weight: 200g

  • Price: £4.95
Product image

Snowdonia Red Devil

A classic savoury Red Leicester playfully warmed with a tingling hot chilli hit. The producers description - A judicious hit of chilli is the perfect foil for the rich savouriness of Red Leicester in this popular member of our range. As with all of the Snowdonia range of cheeses, Red Devil® is delicious enjoyed simply, but this one really comes into its own when melted over nachos, tortilla chips and barbecued burgers. It adds a depth of flavour and an intriguing heat.

Weight: 200g

  • Price: £4.95
Product image

Snowdonia Black Bomber

A Welsh cheddar coated in a black wax. Smooth and creamy, with hints of sweetness and an apricot aftertaste. This is a mature, tangy cheddar, that won the bronze award at the 2007 World Cheese Awards.

  • Price: £4.95
Product image

Snowdonia Beechwood Smoked

With its gently nutty texture and subtle smoky hues, the naturally smoked Beechwood cheese really captivates, with mellow depth and warmth.

  • Price: £4.95
Product image

Snowdonia Ruby Mist

A very delicious and slightly alcoholic cheese from Snowdonia Company! The Ruby Mist is infused with port and brandy flavours for a deliciously sweet and tangy taste.

  • Price: £4.95
Product image

Snowdonia Green thunder

A waxed cheese from Snowdonia company. Peppered with garlic and garden herbs throughout for a delicious savoury taste and creamy texture. It has a lovely moreish quality .

  • Price: £4.95
(£5.95) [?]
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Black Sheep

Creamy sheep's cheese from Caws Cenarth in Wales with a nutty tang.

  • Price: £5.25

Unfortunately, we do not have this item in stock at the moment

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Marksbury waxed Cheddar

This is a traditional, handmade West-Country cheddar with an authentic flavour!

  • Price: £5.75
Product image

Cotswold Blue Log

Using the same base as his brie, Simon Weaver has produced a gentle delicate flavoured blue with a soft creamy paste. Cow's/Pasteurised/Vegetarian/Organic

Weight: 150g

  • Price: £5.95

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