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Some like it hot



chilli jam is made from fresh chillies, unlike cheaper sauces made from chilli powder. The result is a build up of heat which doesn't knock out your taste-buds, but enhances the flavours of the meat, fish or cheese with which it is eaten and adds zest to your cooking without overwhelming the ingredients

Colston Bassett Stilton-Made in Colston Bassett, Nottinghamshire. In our view the finest stilton available and previous winner of the World Cheese Awards.

Godminster heart-With a complex flavour, at first sweet and creamy, giving way to a grassy long piquant tang.The same cheese as the round Godminster but in a sweet heart shape. Perfect for loved ones.

Red Devil-.A classic savoury Red Leicester playfully warmed with a tingling hot chilli hit. The producers description - A judicious hit of chilli is the perfect foil for the rich savouriness of Red Leicester in this popular member of our range.

Red Devil® is a Bronze winner at the World Cheese Awards.

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