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Made in Berkshire by award-winning cheesemakers Anne and Andy Wigmore, Anne is a graduate of the National Institute for Research into Dairying, and was a microbiologist for 10 years before starting to making cheese in the 1980s. They were inspired by Italian pecorinos on a visit to Sardinia, and Spenwood is like a cross between cheddar and a semi-stagionato pecorino.

Like a pecorino, Spenwood is brined after pressing, rather than having salt added at the curd stage. Matured for 6 months. The ewe’s milk provides a lovely sweetness with flavour of ground nuts coming through in more mature cheeses. Ewe’s milk is characteristically sweet and nutty, and there is so much depth and complexity to the flavour in Spenwood.

Weight: 250g

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