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Xmas Just cheese



Bagborough Brie - a creamy and buttery brie made in Somerset from Guernsey Cows' milk. It's made by White Lake Cheese who have won copious awards for their cheeses. (pasteurised, vegetarian) 220g

Golden Cross goat's cheese - a log shaped goat's milk cheese from East Sussex which is lightly charcoaled prior to maturation. This is a versatile cheese that goes really well on a cheeseboard. It tastes divine! It won Best British Cheese as the last World Cheese Awards! (unpasteurised, vegetarian). This may be replaced by White Lake's award winning Driftwood depending on supply over Christmas.

Worcester Hop - This is a mature cheddar (softer than most cheddars though) coated in roasted Worcestershire hops. Supreme Champion at the Three Counties show in Malvern. It is smooth and creamy and tangy and is stunningly popular! This will be devoured very quickly! (pasteurised, vegetarian)

Cornish Yarg - this cows' milk cheese is loosely based on a Caerphilly recipe and is then hand wrapped in edible nettle leaves applied in concentric circles. This cheese looks beautiful on a cheeseboard and has a lovely fresh, lemony flavour and a crumbly texture. (vegetarian and pasteurised). It won gold at the last World Cheese Awards.

Colston Bassett Stilton - One of the last remaining hand-ladled Stiltons. This gorgeous blue cheese is very creamy with an intense and complex flavour but no acidic aftertaste! (vegetarian, pasteurised). It won gold at the last World Cheese Awards.

This cheese box has something for everyone and is also totally vegetarian!

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